About OCT Boxes Art Museum

OCT Boxes Art Museum is builted and financed by the OCT Group, a non-profit public benefit organization operated and managed by The Oil Painting Department Curatorial Group of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. OCT Boxes Art Museum has invited Fan Bo to serve as Museum Director, Zhou Li to serve as Artistic Director, and Liu Ke to serve as Executive Museum Director. Official opening day is on September 28, 2017. The museum located in the shunfeng mountain park in shunde district, its consists of four standard indoor exhibition halls and outdoor public exhibition Spaces. The museum strives to integrate regional and international resources, manifesting in a high-standard of artistic temperament, relying on the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts as both research and educational platform. The museum combines Shunde local specialties with modern development, uniting art exhibition, and public discourse with local culture. Its also promotes local, social and international art praxis as well as cultural production.