Field 2—Academy of Fine Art ‘Star’ Graduate Artwork Selection

On Thursday, Sep 28, 2017 at 4 pm, art exhibition Field 2-Academy of Fine Art 'Star' Graduate Artwork Selection will open to the public at Boxes Art Museum at Overseas Chinese Town (OCT). This is one of Boxes Art Museum at Overseas Chinese Town's first exhibitions.

OCT's Boxes Art Museum is entirely built and financed by the OCT Group, a non-profit public benefit organization operated and managed by The Oil Painting Department Curatorial Group of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.Overseas Chinese Town Boxes Museum attempts to bring a strictly international standard of spatial dimension to Shunde area, giving the city a new cultural calling card, bringing new energy to the Pearl River Delta Area's cultural ecosystem.

Field refers to a basic working methodology of contemporary art, emphasizing how art thinks about and reflects real environments and social living. It emphasizes art concepts that effectively integrate with regional cultures, social manners, cultural context, and present discourses. Contemporary art is the avant-garde of culture. It can engage with what's happening 'contemporarily'. It is active in experimentally answering present and future times. It is an attitude different from everyday life, with an aesthetic of exploration.'Field' influences our spiritual bearing and cultural pursuits, shaping individuals and society In the form of aesthetic and concept.Field is a kind of artwork,figuring an environmental  aura,transcending the common, standing out from the crowd, each of them serves as operational ideal.

This exhibition is hosted by Guangdong Shunde Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), Industrial Development Co., Ltd.,produced by OCT Boxes Museum, with Feng Hui as the chief planner, curated by The Oil Painting Department Curatorial Group of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and co-organized by Guangzhou Tianci Culture Communication Co. Ltd. Prof. Chen Ke of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,Prof. Jiang Jie of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Shen Lieyi of China Academy of Art and Prof. Jin Jiangbo of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts are invited as referees. 15 young artists are invited to residencies and then exhibitions,including: Chen Kancheng, Cui Yi, Deng Jingfeng, Du Chunfeng, Feng Xiaofeng, He Yibo, He Tao, Lin Wanshan, Li Qiuyi, Liu Xiao, Ma Dongyang, Ouyang Sulong. Tan Yingjie,Yu Hai and Zhou Qihan.

Over the next year, these fifteen public artworks will be installed in various places throughout Shunfeng Mountain Wetland Park. A selection of these works will remain as part of the museum's permanent collection. The separate attractions of both art and wetland environment blend together,drawing attention to the relationships between art, nature and rapid urban development. The core concept of Overseas Chinese Town and all curators involved has been to bring a lively contemporary art environment to the local district, satisfying the undying urge of the people for enriched cultural living.

This exhibition is in gratitude to Shunde District Government,Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, and Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts.