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Song Long

Shewas born in Jiangsu in 1998

Graduated from experimental art major of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2020


Group exhibition:

2017, Shenchang, OCAT Art Museum, Xi’an

2017, Shaanxi modern culture and Art Festival, Shaanxi Art Museum, Xi’an

2018, the first Guanzhong Art Festival, Cai Jiapo, Xi’an

2018 China (Xi'an) experimental art exhibition, Western Art Museum, Xi'an, China

2019, the second Guanzhong Art Festival, Xi’an

2019, the first Zhongnan Drama Festival, Xi'anIn

2019, the "west of the old base" young artists residence plan, Xining, Qinghai

2019, the 10th New Star Art Award 100, Nanjing

2020, constructed, preserved and deleted, Cui Zhenkuan Art Museum, Xi'an, China

2020, dagger humming, South Visual Art Museum, Nanjing, ChinaIn

2020, the first new ghost "have to admire" the first place

2021, spring equinox, sanyuhui, Guangzhou